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We have been able to identify some of the major causes and foundational flaws of the African Esports sector. South Africans over time, have managed to provide international-standard Esports events and highly competitive players, however only a small percentage of the nation are benefitting and participating. Although we have outlined actions to be taken in order to achieve our goals, we are not ruling out the fact that it might be a bit challenging to measure our success rate.

We would consider our foundation to have attained great success if we are able to scale through all the following factors:

To connect and empower a minimum of 1,000,000 youths to participate in school or community-hub leagues over 3 years.

To integrate 1% of ordinary schools in the basic education sector per year with Esports-ready technology and support.

To integrate 10% of Tertiary institutions per year with Esports-ready technology and support.

What we do

We streamline our activities in AESA to areas where we know we can produce faster results when it comes to getting youths, schools, and tertiary institutions involved in adopting Esports as a formal activity. 

These are some of the things we do at AESA:

Align private enterprise activities and government projects at a provincial and national level

Professional and strategic framework and policy development to ensure inclusive growth of Esports

Build and maintain trusted relationships and closing the gap between all stakeholders in public and private sectors

Capacity building across all tiers, from new to professional-level of players

Align relevant ministries to ensure direct economic development and impact

Youth advocacy and empowerment through education and entrepreneurial models

Promotion of youth involvement in Politics and Governance

Sourcing for scholarships for students

Ready for Action?

AESA is an international organization headquartered in South Africa. It was established to promote the development and adoption of Electronic Sports (Esports) in Africa.
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