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Africa Electronic Sport Association

Gaming, Coding & Robotics


Benefits to students

Preparing students for 21st Century success: It should be noted that individuals who play such Esports games are able to better track objects appearing simultaneously and processed fast-changing visual information more efficiently. This research was conducted by the University of Rochester and was proven to improve the mindset and thinking abilities of individuals.

The University of Rochester also tested Esports gaming as a stimulus for improving your vision. The ability, called contrast sensitivity function, allows people to discern even subtle changes in shades of grey against a uniformly colored backdrop. This is also one of the first visual aptitudes to fade with age. Therefore, a regular regimen of Esports game training can provide long-lasting visual power.

For students, Esports as an extra mural activity is:


An opportunity to transform students' futures through digital sports and an introduction to technology at an early age.


There is an Esports/Gaming title for any age, gender race or social background.


Analytic backend to identify at risk students early on

Benefits to teachers

If students have an emotional connection with the school through a platform such as Esports or any other extramural activity, teachers will have a better response from their students during classroom time.

Integrated resources

With the country adopting ICT solutions in schools through the likes of “Operation Phakisa”, students will have a great connection and understanding of education-centric technology through the use of games that make learning fun.


Esports is an online activity and negates the need for physical travel between schools to compete and play. This is the same for coaches who can connect from anywhere in the country to a school, provided there is an internet connection.


All technology from a hardware and software perspective are controlled by an I.T administrator, and the same can be applied to PC gaming and Esports.

Benefits to the economy

Esports and Gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry world-wide. As it stands, Esports alone is a R20mil industry in 2017, with startup companies investing in the broadcasting of events, journalism, competing, event hosting, Multi-gaming organizations (MGO’s)

Export opportunities

The power of online, Esports can produce local talent and skillsets within the I.T sector, from Athletes, to broadcast professionals, bloggers, Vloggers

Cost efficiency

The hardware and software and basic infrastructure needs to have an Esports/Gaming facility is a fraction of the cost compared to traditional sporting facilities.

Benefits of Gaming

Foundation Skills

  • Achievement Drive
  • Self-awareness
  • Productive Thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • LLN

Performance Skills

  • Perceptual
  • Motor
  • Attentional
  • Timing
  • Process Skills

Personal Development Skills

  • Identity Achievement
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Digital Literacy/Competence
  • Esteem
  • Cognitive

Team Skills

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Cohesion
  • Self-confidence
  • Decision-making

Coding & Robotics

Robots are a fun, easy, and effective way to learn about computer programming

Foundation Skills

Basic inner workings of computers
Computer Motor functions
Hand-Eye coordination
Basic Computer Literacy

Computational Thinking

Logical Thought Structure
Problem Solving
Abstract & Out the box thinking
Pattern Recognition

Creativity & Thinking

Story Telling

Global Citizen

Capacity Building
21st Century Skills Development
Digital Economy Readiness

Ready for Action?

AESA is an international organization headquartered in South Africa. It was established to promote the development and adoption of Electronic Sports (Esports) in Africa.
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