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Emmanuel OYELAKIN has extensive background in Banking and Technology spanning over 16 years. An Africa advocate, he is a firm believer in the potentials Africa possesses and opportunities therein. He is passionate about seeing the African youth rise up to bring about development on the continent and on the global stage while strategically driving the narrative straight from an African perspective.

Passionate and dedicated towards developing the gaming and esports sector in Nigeria, he founded League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG Esports) in 2016 and Esports Nigeria in 2017. He currently serves as the founding president, Esports Federation of Africa (ESFA). He also serves as executive member of the committee for the Africa Esports Championship (AEC) and with the World Esports Consortium (WESCO) as president of the Africa Advisory Board and member of the Presidential Board.


Founder & CEO
South Africa

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Ryan’s passion for Esports and Gaming started on a 486-computer playing chess at the age of 6 years old. His digital journey has been that of playing, competing, and learning over 30 years.

Ryan spent 9 years at Intel Corporation across the Retail and Education sector gaining a deep grounding in all things technology and its impact in everyday aspects of one’s life.

Since leaving Intel at the end of 2018, Ryan started up the Africa Electronic Sport Association, a non-profit company that strives to grow the adoption and awareness of Esports by using it as a vehicle for education transformation and 21st century learning.


Vice President - West Africa

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Kwesi Hayford is an Esports Evangelist, Creative Designer, and a Digital Media enthusiast with a passion for the youth culture, technology and education. He inspires and empowers young people to create opportunities for themselves in digital media for the socio-economic growth for Africa.

Currently creating synergy, developing collaborations of Esports with all stakeholders both Ghana and internationally with the Ghana Esports Association which focuses on grassroots participation and content creation.

Kwesi Hayford has been very instrumental in organizing Esports events and helping professional gaming communities develop.
He is also founding member of the Africa Esports Championship. The dream to connect Africa with a Championship tournament with 20 countries. He is also the founding member of Esports Federation of Africa (ESFA).

Kiddie Esports is one of Kwesi’s initiative to help kids develop a growing interest in Esports and build a correct pathway via Education, Empowerment, Robotics, Drone Training and Exposure.
Douglas OGETO
Vice President - 

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Douglas Ogeto is an entrepreneur with 9+ years of experience working in the field of Technology, Branding and Entrepreneurship with key specialties in Business Development, Community Building, Partnerships & Project Management. He has lived and worked in 2 countries: Kenya & Rwanda. He has co-founded 4 startups in Video Game Development, Education, Advisory & Branding.

He has built the largest community of video game developers in Africa. He has consulted for, set up, and ran entrepreneurship programs in East and West Africa for Global Companies including: Slush GIA, Ambitious Africa, Liquid Telecom among others. He is an alumnus of Edith Cowan University, Bachelor of Information Technology, Management Minor.

He currently serves as Co-Founder and CEO of LudiqueWorks, Africa’s fastest Video game publishing company. He also serves as an executive committee member for Africa Esports Championship (AEC), Africa’s Premier Esports league.
Vice President

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Sales Manager for Gamestore.Dz, Former national radio’s & N’Tic Magazine’s Gaming Chronicler, Yanis is mainly an Algerian entrepreneur driven by a strong passion for gaming & electronic sports.

After founding DevQuest, an agency specialized in Advergaming, Yanis finally founded The Agency, an innovative marketing & ads company, offering classical and gaming-based services.
Through its subsidiary “GamersMagh” (Ex: Gamers Rules), the entity also organized the past 7 years, the biggest Algerian & North African electronics sports shows.
North African Cyber League
Fractal League

Also recently became the gaming partner for Comic con & Webedia and in process of creating the “AESA” for Algerian Electronic Sports Association.


Baba Dioum

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Passionated by communication, technology, digital and Gaming, Baba created the first Gaming association in Senegal called SENGAMES with a Friend in 2011 and started running Esport tournaments in his Country in order to build a strong community of Gamers and attract Sponsors.

Digital Manager and Social Media Specialist, he worked for an independent Gaming Studio named Impact Games in 2015 as a Game Designer and Project Manager. The studio launched the first Mobile Wrestling Game in Senegal : Door Daan.

Baba is now working on an esport club project sponsored by The French Embassy that will create elite gamers in Senegal on different competitive games (FIFA, PES Street FIGHTER, TEKKEN and Mortal Kombat).

Somali Esports Federation
Flag - Somalia

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Somali Esports Federation is established by founding President Mr. Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed on April 2018. Recognized the Ministry of Youth and Sports with 7 board members 1 vice president and 1 president. ESFS has 5 committees, 80 city representatives all over the country and 5 employees based in Mogadishu. Esports is acknowledged as a sport branch by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, therefore licensed players are athletes and there are clubs, leagues, and tournaments.

 ESFS is the sole representative of Somalia Esports on both national and international level. Federation’s main goal is to create and regulate a sustainable Esports ecosystem all around Somalia, and to represent Somalia in future international competitions. Its vision is developing Esports ecosystem for skillful Esports athletes, Esports audiences and investors. 

There are 10 Esports clubs and 2 Esports centers licensed by ESSF by the date of DEC 2021. Potential Esports audience in Somalia is approximately 2.000.000. And we are working hard on developing the correct infrastructure for all.

Nigerian Flag

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The Lagos State Esports Association is a sports association under the auspices of the Lagos State Sports Commission.

Our mandate is to develop esports in the state and make it the leading esports hub in Africa.Vision: To make Lagos State Africa's esports hub. Mission: Creating and sustaining a thriving esports ecosystem in Lagos state 

Niger Flag

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FEGeS is a non-profit association.  FEGeSaims to create an esports ecosystem, promote e-sport (professional and non-professional), and aims to contribute to the development of youth through fun education and new technologies 
Mauritius Esports Federation

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Esports Federation - Mauritius (MUESF) was established on 30th September 2020 with the vision to make Mauritius be recoginized in the world of E-Sports and with the aim to enhance , promote and organise electronic sports throughout the country along with international competitions.

MUESF is the engine for all the game lovers to have opportunities to improve their careers and an esports platform to become professional gamers.

Tunisian E-Sport Federation

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The Tunisian e-Sports Federation TunESF was created on October 01,
2018. The main missions of TunESF are:

•  The organization and development of the practice of e-sports
• The organization of national competitions in the field of e-sports
• Participation in competitions relating to e-sports on continental and
international scale.
• Manage relations with national and international sports structure
Tunisian E-Sports Federation

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Eswatini eSports Association
Swaziland Flag

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The Eswatini Esports Association (EEA) is a not-for-profit national esports body established from grassroots level to promote esports, increase its level of awareness, improve standards and inspire future talent in the Kingdom of Eswatini. We also help to educate around what esports is and its benefits. Our mission at the EEA includes:

• For the esports industry as a whole to bring positive economic impacts to Eswatini and stimulate job employment at multiple levels. 

• For Eswatini esports athletes to achieve success at international level esports tournaments and demonstrate the Eswatini is a formidable contender in the Esports scene 

•  To work with schools, colleges and other educational establishments to create incredible events 

• Increasing digital awareness in the country’s remote areas 

•  Maximize the mental and educational benefits of esports

Tournament of electrics games of Ouagadougou
Burkina Faso Flag
Burkino Faso

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The Amateur Sports Club/Mouloudia Algiers Center
Algeria Flag

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Mouloudia Algiers center is an organization that supports Esports players, grows their talent, and aims to increase the general public’s understanding and acceptance of Esports.

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AESA is an international organization headquartered in South Africa. It was established to promote the development and adoption of Electronic Sports (Esports) in Africa.
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